You just came back from your holiday, or a break and you had a light bulb moment that you need to focus more on your finances. Do things better and smarter.

Where do you start?

During my talkmoney show, I interviewed people who made mistakes with money and we discussed how they recovered and what they learned from those mistakes.

What I learned from my wonderful guests who freely shared their stories is that money is a result. It is not the objective.

All these people had a strong reason for doing what they were doing, which motivated them to start over when they lost everything. I am so grateful for these guests because they inspired me to pivot the talk money show into Talkmywealth.

The best place to start is to determine your why.

· Why do you want to make this change now?

· Why do you want to make more money?

· Who will benefit from this change?

· Who will be uncomfortable with this change?

This might take some time because you might not know what makes you happy or the impact on the people around you might be devastating for them and maybe you don’t want to deal with the response you will get from them. Or maybe you have not considered what the impact will be on the people around you. It is important to first look at the full effect of your change because this might be a long and difficult road and I can assure you there will be difficult times ahead.

When I decided to become debt free it took time and discipline and I had to disappoint some people in the process.

All the people I spoke to say the same thing. Just remember you don’t have to do this on your own. Involving people around you in this decision to change will make it easier but also get support from people who have done it before and who know the impact of the emotions you will go through.

Whether you want to be debt-free Or if you are lucky enough to be debt-free and want to start building wealth, these questions are a good place to start.

You first have to determine why you want to change and then determine how you will do it. Then start educating yourself on the subject by learning from others who have already done.

Life is like a mountain range, when you end at the top of one mountain you are at the foot of another mountain!

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