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  • Agnesia Agrella

Life is a journey!

It’s funny how life takes you on long winding journeys, new places, and adventures, but often brings you back to familiar, nostalgia. Reminding you of your roots, where you started, and how far you have come.

As a child, my dream was to travel the world, experience other cultures, and study.

Travel the world? Yes, I always pride myself on my Portuguese heritage and believe I got my exploration genes from my grandfather who emigrated from Madeira a Portuguese island. I justified my restlessness with the fact that the Portuguese were great explorers.

I knew that in order to have it all, I needed a good education. During university, I realized that, in order to experience true freedom, I needed to get a job, earn my own money and find my own path.

I was lucky to find a job at CNA in Hillbrow. Those days Hillbrow was THE place to stay in Johannesburg. It had cafes, nightlife, and affordable accommodation.

Building dreams, and creating lasting friendships that I still cherish today, started at CNA.

I am extremely proud and grateful that my North Star Planner is now on the shelves of CNA in South Africa. This stationery and bookshop have been supporting young people for decades. CNA is well known for back-to-school days, a place to find art supplies, magazines, toys, cards, wrapping paper, and anything stationary related. It is an institution of South African retail history and one of the brands that have stood the test of time.

It feels like my dreams have come full circle and it is amazing how having my planner in CNA has brought all these amazing memories back.

I am now living in another country; and I had the opportunity to travel the world, experience other cultures, and study…

I also had the privilege to visit Madeira and Portugal.

Although my father was born in South Africa it felt like I could see him on the streets in Madeira. He has so many Portuguese mannerisms and I realized how deep our connection is with our family. How our heritage shapes us and when we dream big enough and never give up we can have amazing experiences.

I dream that this planner will support you in creating your own adventures!!

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