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Money can be a source of stress and anxiety and managing your money is more important than how much you earn.  Understanding how to create multiple income streams and manage your money is not about getting rich, but more about creating the lifestyle you want for your family.  Our Northstar planner supports you in determining the lifestyle you want and how to create it. 

We all have a rich brain and a poor brain. Our rich brain can see opportunities and possibilities. Our poor brain sees challenges and why you will fail or cannot do it. Your mind’s default position is your poor brain because it is the body’s way to protect you. You must reprogramme your brain and you must keep exercising your brain just like any other muscle in your body. You cannot achieve what you cannot see, and you cannot achieve something if you believe you can never do it.

Making time to plan your future is planning to succeed.  Planning helps you identify why you want to succeed, what you need to do to succeed, whom to ask for support and how you will complete the tasks.  Reviewing and adjusting your plan to accommodate unforeseen events helps you stay on track and avoid getting sidetracked.

Writing your dreams and your actions down helps you transfer the concepts from your brain via your heart to your hands! 


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Coaching Plans

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  • Wealth Profile

    Perfect to understand your rich and poor brain.
    Valid for one month
    • Wealth Profile Report
    • 1 hour feedback session with a coach
  • Gold Coaching

    Every month
    Create a Custom designed Wealth Plan and Implement this plan
    • Wealth Profile
    • North Star Planner
    • Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions
    • Monthly North Star support meeting (group meeting)

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