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Our Wealth Services are designed to build your wealth

  • Wealth Profile

    Understand why you struggle to build wealth
    Valid for one month
    • Wealth Profile Report explaining rich and poor brain
    • 1 hour feedback session with a coach
  • Gold Coaching

    Every month
    Create a Custom designed Wealth Plan with a coach
    • Wealth Profile
    • North Star Planner
    • Budget Review
    • Spending review
    • Weekly 1 hour coaching session with coach
    • Access to monthly online group coaching sessions

You can change monthly plan at any time.

Financial Coaching

                                         Money can be a source of stress and anxiety and managing your money is more important                                                than how much you earn.   How you manage your money is related to your thinking                                                             preferences. When you are ready to ask for support, contact us or complete Our Wealth                                                   Profile to determine your thinking profile.  It indicates how a person makes financial                                                           decisions. Gaining insight into the way you prefer to think about money makes you more aware of and sensitive to the reason why you spend money on certain items and what you can do to create wealth and still provide for yourself and your family.  It develops better relationships and provides suggestions on how to make sound and relevant decisions.  Because the focus is on thinking preferences the end result is neither good nor bad nor right or wrong.


We all have a rich brain and a poor brain. Our rich brain can see opportunities and possibilities.

Our poor brain sees challenges and why we will fail or cannot do them. Your mind’s default

position is your POOR BRAIN because it is your body’s way to protect you.

You must reprogramme your brain and you must keep exercising your brain just like any

other muscle in your body. Making these changes on your own is not easy and our coaching program

is designed to support you and guide you through the difficult periods of change. 


You cannot achieve what you cannot see, and you cannot achieve something if you believe you can never do it.

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