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About Me

Hi, I'm Agnesia,
a Skilled Technology Support Professional

I love technology and found a fun way to make the Virtual world part of the Physical world.  I believe technology should work for humans and make our life easier.  Certain technology is great for learning and Wealth creation is a skill. 


My mission is to provide interactive wealth-creation tools that are fun and practical for you to enjoy making and managing your money.  So many people do not want to talk about or manage their money and so many people have lost huge amounts of money through people they trusted with their money.  I want you to understand that you don't have to manage the day-to-day tasks of money management if you don't like it, but you must always be in control of your money. 

​Never ever give control of your money to anybody else!

About TalkMyWealth

TalkMyWealth is an online learning center for innovative and creative ideas around finances and how to create generational wealth.  Wealth might mean different things to different people. TalkMyWealth is all about how to reduce your debt, and how to create multiple income streams and passive income.


The Key to wealth creation is to let your money work for you!

You can start by doing our Wealth Profile and following our simple RAMP methodology.  Then you need to take time to learn about investments that make you money and that suit your personality.   

Our RAMP Methodology is:

*  Reduce Debt 

*  Asset Income Maximisation 

*  Multiple Income Stream Management 

*  Passive Income Management

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